Sharknado Franchise to Come to End after Sixth Movie

The low-budget sci-fi franchise ‘Sharknado’ is set to come to a climactic end after the release of the sixth movie. The low-budget mockbuster from Syfy will see the return of Ian Ziering and Tara Reid as shark-battling couple Fin and April Shepard, TV Line report.

Following the events of the fifth movie – which ended with Fin walking the streets of earth alone after it has been ravaged by man-eating storm – the currently untitled sixth movie will see the hero attempt to time travel back to where it all started.

It has been reported that the film will also feature Nazis, dinosaurs, knights, and Noah’s Ark as well as the dreaded Sharknado.

‘Sharknado 6’ will also see the return of Vivica A. Fox, Cassie Scerbo and director Anthony C. Ferrante.Original cast member Cassie Scerbo will reprise her role as bartender Nova, while franchise director Anthony Ferrante returns to helm the fifth adventure.

The Sharknado films have become famous for giving D-list celebrities and people who have no business acting a chance at getting a paycheck to appear briefly in these movies, usually just before being in a gruesome fashion. The last movie featured the likes of Fabio,

The movie will be shown in the US this summer with a UK date likely to follow after.Oh, and this time, they’re going global. The TV movie — which began shooting in Bulgaria before moving on to England, Australia, and other countries.

Feature cities across the globe being pummeled by shark-stuffed storms. With most of North America decimated by the in-air bitey fish epidemic, Fin & Co. try to stave off the carnage and save the rest of the world.

The made-for-TV sci-fi disaster comedy franchise kicked off back in 2013 with the very first movie and followed a waterspout that lifts sharks out of the ocean and deposits them in LA.

Although it was first screened on Syfy, the film was given a one-night only special midnight screening in a cinema but it earned less than $200,000 from 200 screenings.

Four sequels have been produced since then with the sixth and final movie currently in development.

It has garnered a cult fan base and most recent instalment ‘Sharknado 3: Oh No!’ featured several celebrity cameos from Jedward, WWE wrestler Chris Jericho, Bo Derek, Jerry Springer, Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson and Ray J among others.

While promoting the fourth movie, the producers launched a social media campaign asking fans whether #AprilLives fans could only find out by watching the movie.